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MIT Certified Technologist(MCT) in Mobile Phone Technology

Class Type

Regular Courses




6 Months


17 and above

6 Session – Training including internship – 6 Months

  • Practical training in different Mobile Phones and Tablets

Industry highlights

Life, today, is unimaginable without electronic gadgets. Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets and laptops have become an unavoidable part of our daily life. India is currently the second-largest telecommunications market in the world. The number of users of these gadgets is increasing day by day. Such an increase in the production and use of these gadgets automatically creates the requirement for expert technicians to service such gadgets. The widely used method for manufacturing a communication gadget or advanced automation equipment is the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) which has replaced the traditional method called through-hole technology.

Course Objective

  • Prepare students to become capable of performing the position of “Mobile Phone Technologist”
  • To enable students to acquire knowledge on Digital Electronics, Embedded systems, and Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
  • To create the ability in students to understand, analyze and rectify the faults in advanced handheld communication Devices.
  • To prepare a student to become a Technopreneur


  • Basic Electronics
  • Mini Project Assembling
  • Awareness about Static electricity (ESD ) Protection
  • Basic Computer hardware & networking,
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) – Surface Mount Devices (SMD) & Sensors
  • Mobile phone training kit assembling practice.
  • Mobile phone sections – working
  • Smartphone Disassembling and assembling method
  • Multilayer PCB tracing and troubleshooting
  • Practice in Chip level (SMD, BGA) complaint rectification
  • smartphone operating system and applications
  • Software boot level repairing
  • User interface – Display refurbishing method
  • Service Center Management
  • Personality and career molding programs
  • myG care Service center training

Career profiles

Mobile phones satisfy our constant needs to stay connected, communicate, learn and even entertain ourselves by watching a movie or playing a game.It has been pointed out that India is one of the countries that lead in accessing the internet by mobile phones.  But as is inevitable any mobile phone is susceptible to damage. Most customers choose to get the phone repaired when damaged. Buying a new one would not be the wisest decision in most cases. It is best to make the most use of one’s gadget by repairing it rather than replacing it with a new one.

The total number of mobile subscribers in India is more than 100 crores. Most of them use smartphones. This statistic gives an insight into the number of customers that will approach a technician. A repair technician is supposed to be well-learned and informed about all the different software and mobile operating systems. In addition to that, a technician is expected to be hardworking, diligent, and extremely updated about all software techniques related to phones.

The following are some of the many career opportunities that come your way after you complete this course.

  • General service center
  • Freelance repair engineer
  • Smartphone repair shop
  • Teachers at any institute
  • Own repair shop
  • Refurbishing company
  • Authorized service center


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