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About Us

MIT, being from the house of myG, is a desirable place to learn the most important craft of the future. One of the major crises that the world of the industry faces today is the dearth of skilled manpower. MIT is devoted to the task of producing a generation of well-trained and knowledgeable engineers and technopreneurs. Even though MIT starts with courses in “MIT Certified Technologist (MCT)in mobile phone technology” and “Technology upgradation training programe” we have definite plans to gradually include courses in technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Automation Technology in the immediate future.

The evolution of Technology is an indispensable part of our civilization. Internet and mobile phones have woven an invisible web, interconnecting people around the globe, making lives easier and the world smaller. the advent of mobile phones is a revolutionary technological advancement of the past two decades. We at myG are proud to have been part of this modern technological revolution by way of paving a path for our citizens to be part of this journey.  Mobile phones have become more or less extensions of our body and mind. The phenomenal way mobile phone technology has evolved within the last 20 years ensures the fact that the future of this technology is going to be inexorable and even more enticing. 

The role of mobile phones in the present era will be compared with that of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the near future.These jobs require proper training that includes experiential learning. This is where a training division like the one provided by myG plays a significant role. Our training division at myG helps a student discover the best career in terms of income as well as experience. Technical jobs belong to the category of skilled labor and hence they require a thorough understanding of the job through on-the-job training. Technical institutions that offer job training and provide with certification enable a student to acquire this knowledge.

Becoming an Advanced Technology Expert
Could Be The Best Career Move Today!

Even though we had a humble beginning in 2006 as 3G mobile world, the hard work and zeal of our team facilitated us reach the pinnacle of success rapidly and enabled us to become one of the best choices of our citizens. Our journey from being a pioneer to becoming the best has been an inspiring tale to many. We offer an array of digital devices under a single roof. Our humble services that prioritize the customer by way of offering the best device at the right price have constantly kept us at the receiving end of customers’ love and support. 

There are a number of introductory facts about us that will help you understand our history and repute better. The most important among them are as follows:

  • 16 years’ experience in sales and service of electronic gadgets.
  • One of the largest retailer networks in India and we have above 100 stores and service centers in Kerala
  • The largest Hi-Tech service center network in Kerala
  • Well-equipped HLRC (Higher-level Repairing Service Centre). 
  • The support of well-equipped Research and Development (R & D) Division.


Our vision is to become a center of excellence and to produce high-quality, self-motivated, creative engineers and technopreneurs with ethical values. We are here to produce a generation of technologist, engineers, and technopreneurs who would be able to contribute effectively to universal science and contemporary education.


One of the crises today’s industries face is the lack of skilled manpower. We have a mission to offer up-to-date technology training to manufacture trained manpower for the smart digital world. myG with MyG Institute of Technology(MIT) offers courses that would provide students with ample knowledge in each of the important fields of technology.

Core Values

At MIT we give utmost importance to hard work and sincere learning. With a student-oriented atmosphere, MIT helps a student in becoming a technopreneur in the digital world of smart devices beyond his or her qualification. This is achieved through proper training. We do not compromise with quality and ethical values

  • Integrity: We do not compromise with our integrity in values and morals. Consistency and honesty are the values we cherish the most
  • Innovation: We take pride in being capable of innovation at any given point of time. In a fast-changing world innovation is one of the keys to success.
  • Teamwork: Teamwork multiplies results. The cooperation and bonding among our team members are what we aim for.
  • Constant improvement: It cannot be called improvement unless it is constant. We consider perfection to be always ahead of us in order to never stop improving.
  • Continuous learning: We focus on up-to-date learning and thereby enable our students to consider learning as a habit. Habitual learning is what makes humans the most superior species.
  • Eco-friendly operation: Nature cannot be let down in the pursuit of development. We, therefore, focus on the recycling of e-waste in an attempt at reducing the environmental damage caused by the leakage of toxic materials.
  • Transparency: Transparency is one of the factors that enable any company to gain the trust of their employees and customers. We choose to be transparent about our business, performance, growth, and hiring practices

Chairman's Message

We live in an era of Science and Technology where there is a digital upheaval. The aim of MyG Institute of Technology is to build a generation having intelligence in innovation. By learning the digital strategies of today, those who interested in Smart phone technology and other services can grab the hot seat of innovation for a brighter and prosperous career. At MIT, we foster professional skills of the individuals by understanding the core demands of the business sphere.

It is a great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to everyone with a burning desire to explore the wide knowledge and opportunities.
With Warm Regards,

A K Shaji
Chairman & Managing Director